About Us

At WtW Tools, we are committed to revolutionizing the way industrial hose fittings are repaired and replaced. Our journey began with a significant investment in safety and innovation: the acquisition of the patent for the Hose Tool. This strategic move was driven by the undeniable safety advantages the tool offers, aiming to reduce equipment damage and virtually eliminate the risk of blunt force trauma injuries that are prevalent in traditional hose fitting replacement methods.

Our Leadership

The leadership team at WtW Tools is composed of seasoned executives from the oil and gas industry and visionary entrepreneurs. This diverse group recognized the immense potential savings and safety benefits our tool brings to the industry. Their combined expertise and forward-thinking approach have been instrumental in steering the company towards our mission of enhancing workplace safety and efficiency.

Commitment to Quality and Local Sourcing

We take pride in our commitment to quality and sustainability. WtW Tools sources all components locally, ensuring that our products support local economies and meet the highest standards of quality. Each Hose Tool is meticulously crafted by hand in our machine shop, reflecting our dedication to precision and durability.

Our Vision

WtW Tools envisions a future where hose fitting replacement is not only safer but also more efficient and user-friendly. Our Hose Assembly Tool is designed to be fully compatible with most standard industrial hoses, providing a seamless and reliable solution for field repairs. By enabling operators to complete tasks without the need for additional assistance, our tool significantly enhances productivity and safety.

Innovative Solutions for the Field

Traditional methods of replacing collars and fittings in the field often involve the use of sledgehammers, lubrication, multiple workers, and considerable brute force. These methods are not only time-consuming but also pose significant safety risks. Our Hose Tool revolutionizes this process. With our innovative design, a single worker can safely and efficiently replace hose fittings in a matter of seconds, dramatically reducing the potential for injuries and improving overall efficiency.

American Made, Built to Last, Safer by Design

Walk the Walk Tools proudly stands behind the Hose Tool, a product that embodies our core values: it is American made, built to last, and safer by design. We believe in providing our customers with tools that not only meet but exceed their expectations in terms of safety, reliability, and performance.

By choosing WtW Tools, you are not only investing in superior products but also in a safer and more efficient future for industrial operations. Join us in walking the walk towards innovation and safety in the industrial sector.